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People living with osteoarthritis "put up with" the symptoms, whether they are just getting it or have lived with it for many years. Along with some family physicians, many people with osteoarthritis believe that nothing can be done to ease the pain, suffering, and loss of function and daily activities caused by th e disease. But the latest osteoarthritis research is rapidly changing this view, and those who conduct and participate in the research are eager to share their "breaking news" with you.

"Osteoarthritis and You" is a newsletter written by people living with osteoarthritis and leading Canadian arthritis researchers. It will focus on getting the latest research information about osteoarthritis out to family physicians, the health research community, people with osteoarthritis and the public, as quickly as possible. By getting the latest information about the disease out to those affected by it, the disease can be better managed by health care professionals and people living with it can enjoy improved quality of life. With a distribution to approximately 15,000 family physicians across Canada (in both French and English), "Osteoarthritis and You" serves as a link between researchers and people living with the disease who want to be more informed and educated about osteoarthritis as well as participate in short surveys, get involved in focus groups or "pilot" studies, or participate in clinical trials.

"Osteoarthritis and You" will be an invaluable information source and we encourage you to read this issue and tell us what you think about it and future issues. You may contact us at: . Thank you.

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